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My name is Brittany and I'm a 23 year old college student. Other than school and work the Phillies, Steelers, and country music are my life. I know it's a major contradiction that I like a Philadelphia and a Pittsburgh team but that's me.

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Though Lochte trains in Gainesville and Phelps works out in Ann Arbor, Michigan, they’re constantly in touch. Like teenage girls, they send daily text messages; they also gab on the phone a few times a week about mutual interests like hip-hop, video games, and expensive cars. Their conversations are rarely, if ever, about swimming.

“With us,” Lochte says, “it’s all shits and giggles.”  (x)

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Some guys like to wear a brief under the LZR. Not my way.

Michael Phelps - Completely naked under his suit. Jesus take the wheel. (via inspiredbyliam)

dksdjajsdjakj holy shit.

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“If Michael Phelps were a country he would be the 36th most successful in summer Olympic games.” - TelegraphSport

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man I’d make one of these for 30 or older but it’d get no reblogs lawl

lol! 35!

more reblogs please. This scares me.


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Gabrielle Douglas captures gold in the women’s gymnastics all-around competition. She becomes the first African-American woman to win this title and the first American woman to capture gold in both individual and team events in the same Olympics.

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